Saturday, July 19, 2014

Aspen Michael: 2 Months

Dearest Aspen,

Its hard to believe you're two months old already. You are as cool as a cucumber and pretty chill. Uncle Peter thinks you can't hear because with all the commotion around here you don't even make a peep!

At 6 weeks, you had your first trip to the ER. Adelaide accidentally slipped in the shower and fell on you in your whale tub. Turns out you were just fine and milked every bit of the alone time hamming it up with the nurses. When they weighed you, I about fell out of the chair.: 12lbs, 4 ozs! Up 4lbs in your first 6 weeks of life. Hello chunker! 

My NY tennis friends hosted a beautiful Sip n' See party in your honor. They just ate you up! You were showered with so much love and the sweetest little boy things. Oh and you've already got your first tennis racquet :)

You are soaking up the summer sun a lot these days. You had your first beach trip to Long Beach in New York. You were such a stud! Then we spent 4th of July in the Hamptons playing in the pool and on the beach. You even hit up a winery already! No drinking for you though...only milk ;)

And you flew for the 2nd time to Kentucky to spend time with family. You got to meet your baby cousin Boston and your cousins Ja'c, Tyler, & Travis. You've been loved on and hugged bunches here. Bishop can hardly wait for you to be able to walk and play with him.

In very exciting news, the last week has brought 4 good night sleeps.  You've slept from 10-5, 9-6, 11-6, and 10-5. I can't thank you enough for this buddy!

Keep living the good life sweet baby boy!

I love you!



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