Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Last Hoorah

For the past month, I have been strongly dedicated to spending as much one-on-one time really being present with Adelaide. As a stay at home mom, we spend 99% of our time together but I also get lost in the mundane tasks of daily life. It is easy to be here but not be exactly present. Well I really wanted to see & do & experience as much as possible with my sweet girl before she officially is not an only child anymore. So I lined up activities from mid-April through mid-May to help us enjoy our mommy/daughter time and to see her amazement with the world around.

Our last big hoorah was yesterday. We went for a morning Starbucks treat, just her & I. She stole the hearts of the store with her big girl strut and delight of cake pops. Then we took a stroll outside hand in hand. I love holding her hand. I love it even more when she reaches out to take mine as if saying "mommy I still need you." While she rested, I picked up my mom/Mimi. The pure joy on Adelaide's face when we got home and she realized that Mimi was here in the flesh was so sweet. She just kept staring saying "Mimi, Mimi" and hugging her. Following her around, wanting to hold Mimi's hand, and sit on Mimi's lap. My heart melted.

We met up with our friends The Kennedy's at their church St. Patrick's for the annual carnival. Adelaide & Caileigh had a blast riding on the rides. The carousel, Dumbo, the dinosaurs, and the choo choo train were huge hits! We enjoyed dinner with them at Truck afterwards. Talking about the "last supper" for us...

The surprise would be that my dear friend Whitney would actually go into labor this am around 5:30 so it was her "last supper" as well! Her due date was May 27th (2 days after my original due date) and we both found out on the same day that we were pregnant back in September. We both decided not to find our the gender of our babies making it all the more exciting! She welcomed a baby boy this afternoon, Aidan Stuart Kennedy. I can't wait to meet him!

After dinner, Mimi, Ryan, Adelaide & I headed to Lightscapes right by our house. It is a springtime light show made with recycled goods creating flowers, butterflies, ladybugs, caterpillars, fish, and more. Adelaide enjoyed walking the paths and seeing the lights as did us adults.

Finally I rocked my first baby to bed. In the darkness of her room, with Twinkle Twinkle playing on her sound machine, I held her close. I cried tears of mass emotion. She will always be my first baby. She will always be the first gift of motherhood. I remembered bringing her home from the hospital and rocking her to sleep for the first time in her nursery. Sitting in the rocker holding the tiniest, most precious girl in my arms. She was all curled up in my arms just as she had been 20 1/2 months ago. A little bigger now but just as precious nonetheless.

We have made the most of being a family of three. We have soaked up every minute of it and have no regrets. Now we are just anxiously awaiting our newest addition!

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