Thursday, April 10, 2014

Station Eleven: Jesus is Nailed to the Cross

You are stretched out on the cross you have carried so far. The soldiers take big nails and drive them into your hands and feet. You feel abandoned by the people you loved so much. People seem to have gone mad. You have done nothing but good, yet they drive nails through your hands and feet.

When I think about Jesus being wrongly persecuted, I think of current day bullying. It is often the quiet and innocent who are picked on most, left helpless & unable to defend themselves. And when they need support, their friends are afraid to step up to the plate. 

I have been a victim to not stepping up to the plate and standing up for my friends or family at times. I have been afraid or coward-like. I have also been a bully, making jokes and laughing at others struggles. I am not proud of those moments. Falling victim to peer pressure is nothing to be proud of. 

Through His persecution, Jesus remains faithful to God and continues to carry His cross with honor. All the while, He forgives those who have abandoned Him and left Him alone to suffer.

As an adult, sometimes I discriminate against others. Even without thinking, I judge others because of their color, intelligence, income level or name. I forget that I am to live as a brother or sister to all people. Sometimes I use harsh words when I speak to my children and family members. I can find it easy to look for something that isn't very important and make it very important. Help me look again at the people around me. Help me see the hurt and pain I have caused in others. Be with me to help me make amends for the harm I have done.

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