Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Station Two: Jesus Carries His Cross

Jesus, as you accepted your cross, you knew you would carry it to your death on Calvary. You knew it wouldn't be easy, but you accepted it and carried it just the same. 

We all have a cross to bear. For some it is illness: mental or physical. For others it is financial. Or relationship-oriented. Life is not perfect nor are we as humans. However we do have choices. God gave us the freedom to choose our lives and how we act/react to situations. We can carry our crosses with dignity & positivity. We can carry our crosses with hatred & negativity. I think about the oppressed who have risen above the torture and anguish that plagued their lives. Martin Luther King Jr. who refused to succumb to the ways of hate & deceit. Rosa Parks who stood up for what was right when it was the harder thing to do. Christians who speak their beliefs even when it is "uncool" to love God and who pray out loud in any setting to bring peace & comfort to those hurting.

I think about my small crosses that I often lash out about or breakdown over. I think about how gratitude is much more becoming. I think about how I can learn to accept the crosses I bear. For it is a small price to pay for the cross that Jesus' bore for me.

As an adult I sometimes feel like I'm not appreciated. Sometimes I feel as if I accept more responsibility that I need to. I can feel sorry for myself, even though the crosses others carry are much larger than my own. In my self-pity, I don't reach out to help. 

(All italicized quotes/prayers have been taken from www.catholic.org/prayers/stations)

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