Thursday, February 13, 2014

Sochi 2014: Little People Style

Getting into the Olympic spirit and shielding of the winter blues, we invited our friends Whitney, Tommy, & Caileigh over Sunday evening for some Russian cuisine and Olympic games. 

Inspired by the Today Show while working out on Friday, I whipped up beef stroganoff as well as lemon raspberry meringue tarts. Complete with a very-American colored table setting for TEAM USA of course.

Red, white, & blue

And mini torches for the kiddos

A few decorations set up the Olympic Village where athletes competed and medaled. There was mini ice skating and winter sport coloring. 

Olympic Village

Caileigh Jane coloring hard

Go For Gold

Medal ceremony

Best Olympians ever


Adelaide Jane coloring the bob-sled pages

Mini ice skating is intense competition


Our Olympic athletes were about as cute as they come!


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