Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Our Scare with RSV

With Adelaide, we have been extremely blessed. She has had maybe one or two colds in her 16+ months of life. No ear infections. No major catastrophes. Just a good immune system and a healthy baby. Until December 30, 2013...

After a few days of battling a cough and two sleepless nights, we decided to take her to the local pediatrician. Her demeanor had only changed that evening while sleeping in bed with me as did her temperature which raised concerns. Nearly two hours later, we were told that she had RSV, pneumonia, & a double ear infection. Talk about a slap in the face to the end of 2013!

I had many misconceptions about RSV so I was immediately worried. Then her oxygen was very low and she was not responding to breathing treatments. I held it together long enough to get her to sleep in my arms. Passing her off to Ryan so that I could call my mom to fill her in, I lost it. To see our vibrant baby girl so lifeless was incredibly difficult. 

Shortly after we were sent to the ER as her oxygen levels continued to drop. Ryan & I didn't speak a word the whole car ride there. It was the only way I could hold my tears in. My parents were on the way to meet us, thank God. I don't care how old I am, my mom just has a way of making me feel better & comforted. 

They immediately took us back and started treating Adelaide. The poking & prodding was hard to bare at first, but I wanted to be strong for her. Before I knew it, we both were asleep on the hospital table. Breathing in sync and a peace came over me. My mom arrived as the ER pediatrician came in so she was able to listen & have a more level head. 

After several more breathing treatments Adelaide was able to be released with a plan of action to be on the mend. That evening we could tell a huge difference, and the next morning she was bouncing around playing with her cousins. 

NewYears Eve evening was a different story though. They had prescribed her a liquid steroid with 2 doses of 10ML per day. By the time I gave her the 2nd dose for that day, she had turned into a possessed child. Literally running into oncoming traffic and throwing herself onto the concrete head first. I can assure you that watching this was far scarier than the RSV diagnosis. Luckily my motherly intuition kicked in and I used my judgement to stop giving her the steroid. 

I share this story so that other parents are aware that RSV comes in all shapes & sizes as does the necessary treatments. Children (like adults) react differently to medications and illness.

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