Thursday, January 9, 2014

20 Weeks: Halfway There

I can hardly believe it! Mainly because the first 12 weeks were the longest of my life and I could barely wait to share the news with the world :) But with the holidays, it feels like the 2nd trimester is flying by. With Adelaide, the first trimester flew by. Then the second seemed to take forever. Honestly, sometimes I forget that I am pregnant. Aside from my growing belly of course! We have been so busy lately that time is passing at a rapid speed.

I have been documenting his/her weekly growth with pictures & food. I wanted to do something different for this baby's scrapbook to keep it unique & special. The journey has been fun, waiting to see what the next week brings.

4 weeks

the size of a poppyseed

8 weeks

the size of a raspberry

12 weeks

the size of a plum

16 weeks

the size of an avocado

17 weeks

the size of an onion

18 weeks

the size of a sweet potato

19 weeks

the size of a mango

20 weeks

the size of a banana

Looking forward to meeting our sweet bundle of joy in 20 short weeks!

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