Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Pancakes & Pajamas

I wanted to host a little holiday gathering for Adelaide's friends and their moms this year. I found the best theme on Pinterest: pancakes & pajamas. Who doesn't love both especially in the winter time?!

I ordered these sweet little invites from PinkPickleParties on Etsy. Adding a few embellishments to the envelopes, I addressed them to Adelaide's friends and mailed them out.

I found so many great ideas on Pinterest for holiday breakfasts and loved the reindeer theme so I went to town on all things reindeer. Reindeer cups, reindeer gift pails, & reindeer pancakes.

The babies arrived in jammies and so did some of the moms. The adorable-ness of this cannot be fully captured in these pictures. They were just too sweet.

We had food for days: reindeer pancakes, fruit candy canes, elf donuts, cinnamon bake, Scrooge's bacon & eggs, and s'mores snack. A hot cocoa bar with all the fixin's as well as delicious peppermint egg nog.

Adelaide & I made peppermint play doh for everyone to take home as a favor. Tucked away in these adorable reindeer gift pails from Pier One. Moms deserve something to so I whipped up our famous family recipe of poppyseed bread as well as a whisk with some KISSmas goodies!

It was so fun celebrating the holidays with our friends here in New York! Cheers to a great holiday season here in the Big Apple and to you wherever you may be!

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