Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Halloween 2013: Grease is the Word

A few months ago I saw the most adorable black snakeskin leggings (for Adelaide) and right then & there I decided we were being Pink Ladies for Halloween. Thank you Heidi Klum for your Truly Scrumptious baby clothing line. I grabbed a pink wig as Halloween stores started popping up to play Frenchie and a scarf for Adelaide to moonlight as Sandra Dee. Ryan just wore his usual weekend attire to play Danny.

We set out around 6:30 to trick-or-treat down our street. The weather was perfect with a cool 60 degrees which allowed for full costumes and no coats needed. First let me just say that our neighborhood is bad ass. I have never seen such decoration enthusiasm in my life. We are talking real life cemeteries, life-size dead people hanging from all sorts of trees, giant blow up figures/scenes, horror music & movies playing, and swinging monsters coming from all angles. Oh and bomb candy.

We pushed Adelaide in her trike which was perfect. She got a lift from house to house then would walk up to the door, ring the bell, and stare. She generally would hand them back the candy. Don't worry I grabbed it back from the neighbors. I needed chocolate! She would walk in their house if they had a dog. She loved riding past the other kids and admiring their costumes.

Once we were back, we had crowds and crowds of dressed up kiddos. They were all adorable especially our 4 year old neighbor who was dressed as a cop. He thought I was a clown. Haha adorable. He then invited me down to his house to get some candy back. Perfect! We ended up giving out all of our candy which made me one happy camper...of course I had my Adelaide's stash to munch on.

Halloween 2013 was a great success! Now to go get some spooky decor for next year...I need to step up my game!

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