Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Greenburgh Nature Center: A Playground for All

The weather in New York has been gorgeous. We were able to hold onto summer until almost the end of September which was perfect for me. And when we returned from KY, the heat had burned off and the cool crisp mornings with sunny, warm afternoons had arrived. So our Tuesday playgroup decided to take advantage and get outdoors! In NY, you never know when the next hurricane or blizzard might strike!!

Five moms & 5 tots drove down to Scarsdale to the Greenburgh Nature Center. The 33-acre facility is a nature preserve that features a beautiful walking paths, a petting zoo, an elaborate & eco-friendly playground for ages 6 months to 12 years old, an animal museum, and many other family oriented things.

We packed our lunches and set out blankets for the kids to eat & play. After lunchtime, we headed down to the playground to let the little ones let off some steam. Adelaide was obsessed with the slide...going down head first mind you. She would quickly race to the stairs, climb them, then push anyone who was waiting to go down the slide out of her way. She must have done this 20 times! Other great playground features included the mini tunnel, the swing, and the peek-a-boo bars.

Such a great afternoon with friends and here's hoping that the weather holds off a little longer so we can get outdoors even more!

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