Thursday, October 17, 2013

Become a Better You: A Book Review

The second book that Kelley sent me was actually a journal that accompanies a book. She had started it and found it to be extremely helpful. Become a Better You is broken down into seven steps with each step having seven action points. The journal is made to have you reflect for 49 days/7 weeks, taking one small lesson at a time. The purpose being to really stop, think, pray, & plan on each particular point.

Step One: Keep Pressing Forward
This step is all about recognizing your potential, the family you come from, and how to dream BIG and achieve a lasting legacy.

Step Two: Be Positive Toward Yourself
This step is all about realizing that you are a child of God who was perfectly made by our creator, loving you for you, and being your biggest fan.

Step Three: Develop Better Relationships
This step is all about building stronger relationships with those in your life, cutting out the negative people in your life, and giving without receiving.

Step Four: Form Better Habits
This step is all about feeding your positive habits & thoughts, living with joy daily, and remembering that happiness is a choice.

Step Five: Embrace the Place Where You Are
This is step is all about remaining in faith, having trust in the Lord, and knowing that God is in the details.

Step Six: Develop Inner Life
This step is all about your conscious, the small voice inside of you, and starting over with a clean slate through forgiveness.

Step Seven: Stay Passionate About Life
This step is all about singing the song in your heart, planning for your successes, and not accepting no as an answer.

I did a speed version of the journal because I didn't have the patience to only do one per day and I wanted to pass it along to my friend who I thought could benefit from it as well. I am so thankful for having a best friend who saw me in need and sent me two of the best spiritual & life books out there. I have a renewed sense of joy & faith, and I owe it all to Kelley!

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