Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Adelaide Jane: 11 Months

Dearest Adelaide,

Eleven months has brought so much to your life. A month of many firsts, mostly in terms of travel & food. Surprise, surprise I know!

You ventured on your first camping trip with mommy & daddy (and Beau!). We swam in the lake, roasted s'mores, and slept in a tent. Oh you also loved to put rocks in your mouth. Yucky!

We took our first mommy/daughter road trip to Rhode Island. We went to the Roger Williams Park Zoo, the International Tennis Hall of Fame, and the Providence Children's Museum. We covered a lot of ground in Providence & Newport. It was your first time to a museum and our first time to Rhode Island. 

On that fun trip, you tried your first happy meal from Mc Donald's. You loved it. You are my child 110% for sure now ;) You have also tried grilled cheese which you absolutely love as well as meatballs, apple juice, and a plethora of other little munchies.

You had been to Tennessee before but not Gatlinburg. We traveled their to celebrate your great-grandmother's birthday, Grandma Lee. That is daddy's grandma. We stayed with lots and lots of people in one big cabin. We took daily walks and swam in the pool. And everyone loved on you.

The basement stairs and entry stairs are your favorite toy at the moment. You love to climb both flights of stairs all day. This is why we started putting gates up because we spend all day chasing you if not ;)

You gained two teeth this month and I have a feeling more are on the way. You are chewing on just about anything from my arm to your toes to anything in between. Teething is a real treat.

As we speak, our family of 3 is on a trip to California. You are meeting all sorts of little friends along our trek from San Francisco to San Diego plus seeing all sorts of sights where mommy & daddy used to live. Truly a great trip and one that we will remember & cherish for years to come.

But my all time favorite part of this month is your ability to understand what hug means and hug me (or your stuffed animals). You give them all on your own. You give them when I say can I have a hug. It melts my heart as your little arms reach around my neck and squeeze. It especially melts when you lean in for an *open mouth* kiss ;)

I can't believe that in 30 short days you will be one year old. It doesn't seem possible. Life moves pretty fast especially when you are growing up with each passing second.

I love you baby boo!


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