Thursday, June 13, 2013

Playing for Keeps: A Movie Review

A major perk of flying internationally is the ability to catch up on movies that I haven't gotten around to seeing...either in the theater or at home. Imagine that, someone with a baby doesn't get to watch movies as much anymore?!

On the way to Italy, I decided to watch Playing for Keeps as opposed to get sleep on this 8 hour trek. A romantic-comedy starring Gerard Butler and Jessica Biel Mrs. Timberlake about a washed up ex-pro soccer player who relives his glory days on the field coaching his son's team. Known as a ladies man, George (Butler) encounters a few yellow cards along the way to winning the mother of his child's, Stacie (Biel), heart back. Filled with wit and charm plus a taste of competitive nature, Playing for Keeps is a sweet story that makes you realize it is never too late for love.

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