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What To Wear On Your Honeymoon From Bedazzles After Dark!

Hi again WWW readers! I am so glad that Whit has asked me guest blog again while she is off enjoying her *surprise* honeymoon. Being inspired by her upcoming nuptials I thought about how I could tie her wedding fun with my love of fashion. Since we covered What To Wear At The Airport last time, what better choice than What To Wear On Your Honeymoon! Read on to find out my fashion travel picks and how you can enter BAD's first ever *giveaway*!

I've heard that sometimes women feel a bit clueless about what to pack when it comes this exciting "vacation" While a task such as this can seem overwhelming, don't worry! I've got some great tips and ideas on how to keep your suitcase lightweight while making sure you look great! So let's begin...
What To Wear On Your Honeymoon

Now obviously you'll have to step out of your cabana/hotel room/private villa at some point which means you need some actual clothing to wear instead of pretty lingerie. :) Since most people choose tropical destinations let's starts with bathing suits! I say mix and match bottoms are the way to go so that you can make several "suits" from just a few pieces. Here's how you do it: choose one printed piece to start with. Then pick two tops and two bottoms that are in the same color scheme as the print. Now you can start the fun! Wear the printed suit together and then mix and match rest of the week with your other pieces. For me, I like most of my tan lines to stay the same so I would pick the same type of top - but feel free to wear what you like! Options like this keep you from over stuffing your suitcase but still allow you to feel like you're wearing something different each day.

I would only recommend taking 1-2 cover ups as they're probably going to come off as soon as you get to the pool/beach. Choose a flowy and pretty option that looks great, will keep you cool, yet still appropriate when you need to pop into a restaurant for lunch.

For clothing options, stick to cute little sundresses in fun colors with maybe a print or two here and there. Chances are if you're going to an all inclusive resort you will be eating dinner at their restaurants and having fun with the other hotel guests in one of the many bars. This allows you to keep your options simple and easy. It's your honeymoon after all and you want to stay stress free! Whatever you decide to pack - Choose styles that flatter your shape and that make you feel comfortable. Maybe pack one pair of jean shorts and 1-2 tops. But other than that I would stay away from a lot of shorts or skirt options. Then you're tasked with having to worry about packing tops to go with them. This doubles your load which is something we don't want. You can, however, plan to take one sweater or a few wraps for you to cover up with should the temperature drop. If you feel like having a fancy night (though you most likely won't unless you're on a cruise) you can pack one glittery fun dress. Only if necessary though!

If you're into it, some resorts have athletic excursions for you to partake in. Personally, my idea of activity on vacation is a swim up bar. But remember it's your new hubby's trip too! Talk it out together and if you decide it's something that you both want to do, pack a lightweight option. Sports bra, shorts and tee or tank. If you plan on doing lots of hiking or trekking around (as I'm sure Whit and Ry will!) then go for one more pair of shorts and another top. Chances are the hotel will have a laundry system or you can rinse them out yourself and let them air dry on the balcony.

Shoes! This can be one of the hardest things to pack no matter what trip you're going on. But just really think about the outfits you've planned out. Based on the above I say pack 1 pair of "beach/pool" sandals and 1-2 pair of dressier sandals that go with all of your dress options. If you're planning on doing some activity then throw in 1 pair of tennis shoes (but please, I beg you, DO NOT wear them on the here why not)

Accessories you should take are as follows:
1) Your husband (ok so maybe he's not an accessory but he makes you look good!)
2) Your new bling
3) 1 pair of post earrings and a simple necklace

That's it! Don't weigh yourself down by packing 1500 necklaces and bangles. Keep it fuss free and easy. I promise you don't need a matching necklace with every outfit and bathing suit. Your husband wants to spend time with you and not the latest statement ring.

Things to leave at home during this trip: Jeans, bulky sweaters and stiletto heels. I hope I've provided some helpful insight as to what to pack. And as always, some affordable options. And in honor of Whit's trip, BAD is hosting it's first ever "Giveaway!" Head on over to my website to find out how you can enter to win a cute bag filled to the brim with my favorite travel beauty products. Thanks for reading!!


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