Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Kissing Her 20's Goodbye & Cheers to 30 Years

We spent Saturday night celebrating Shane & Amanda and their BIG 30th birthdays! We gathered a few of their closest friends and our entire adult family for games, food, and lots of stories.

First we headed to Breakout Louisville where we split up into groups to solve mysteries. A few in The Casino Royale game and the others in The Museum Heist. It was an hour of pure madness, critical thinking, laughs, and real clean fun. We really enjoyed the game rooms and will definitely be back to do it again!

Next we headed downtown to 4th Street live and ate dinner at Bourbon Raw. Where Southern Kitchen meets Raw Bar and Bourbon. We had a private room so we could be as loud and silly as we wanted. The food was delicious. The drinks were stout. And the company was the best in town.

Another adorable creation and delicious cake by Sweets by Millie that incorporated some of their favorite things...

drinking cups for the bday kids

Happy 30th Birthday Shane & Amanda! We love you so much!

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