Tuesday, July 19, 2016

#TRASHBASH2016: A Miami Bachelorette Party

Last weekend, I spent 4 days and 3 nights in Miami on South Beach for #TRAshBash2016 aka my little sister Taylor's Bachelorette party! To say that I was slightly terrified going in is an understatement. She is 26 as are her friends. I am 33...with 3 kids. I don't party. I drink wine. In small amounts. One because I can't bring myself to drink copious amounts at home alone in the middle of the week and two I have had one hangover with kids and there ain't nothing pretty about it! So I was super excited and super scared for what was to come!

Needless to say, we had a helluva time celebrating the bride-to-be in the sunshine state! Her bff Madison (the maid of honor) planned an amazing weekend with the best itinerary I've ever seen. Complete with pool parties, hot dinner spots, clubbin', swanky bars & drinks, and a sexy little lingerie shower for the bride! Madison and I had been working for months on all of the goodies for the bachelorette party attendees. We had a blast coordinating and getting ready for the weekend. We had even MORE fun during the actual events!

Tay's new monogrammed beach bag that I got her

my champagne purse from Kate Spade...love it!

Tay, Ken, me, Mom, & Jack

goodies for the bride

goodies for the girls

the ole' penis veil making an appearance

as well as the penis lei...

the bride-to-be and I

LIV with a photo bomb by Paino

loved these cookies

Thursday we arrived early afternoon giving us some pool time to lounge and relax. Then I booked myself a blow out because well why not?! We headed to The 1 Hotel Rooftop Pool for drinks and then Cleo for dinner. After dinner we danced at the speak-easy Bodega which was super fun!

Friday was recovery mode and more sunshine time. Dinner with our divine set menu was at Sushi Samba. Clubbin' at LIV Nightclub a la Ja Rule to end the night!

Saturday we got our pool on at the pool party at SLS Hyde Beach. Tay's lingerie shower complete with penises galore to really embarrass here. Dinner at Cibo and girl talk.

I am so glad that I was able to celebrate the bride-to-be and let loose a bit. I can hardly wait for the wedding in September. Love you Bees!


  1. Hi. You were totally photo bombed by Al Pacino...

  2. Dazzling pictures! You are looking very pretty and all arrangements are adorable. Planning my niece’s bachelorette party at one of NYC venues. Looking for some good catering service for the day as need to arrange best party ever.