Friday, May 27, 2016

A Ballerina in the Making: Adelaide's Dance Recital

I feel like I blinked and Adelaide Jane grew into a lady. She is so independent and can do so many things herself. She has her own little friends and they have conversations. She has her likes and dislikes. She has her hobbies, her activities, and her "social" life. I blinked. It happened.

Sunday afternoon she performed in her first dance recital. She has been taking dance lessons (ballet and tap) every Friday since September. Many of her classmates are in the class and they have lunch together before heading to class. 

A few weeks ago, they had picture day. The day before the recital they had dress rehearsal. This is serious business. And it reminds me of when I danced for over a decade. I could see the pictures in my head, hear the songs in my ears, and feel the moves in my bones. During the second song, I literally started crying. It was a hip hop song, Mo' Money Mo' Problems. It was not Adelaide's song. It was not my child dancing. But it caused a wave of nostalgia and reality to come over me which took me by surprise. 

We sat in the front row, Adelaide, Ryan, Mimi & I for the entire two hour recital. Adelaide's Over the Rainbow was the last dance just before the finale. She was clapping and cheering for the other dancers right on cue with the audience. She even waved to her dance teacher, Ms. Vanessa, who was performing as she shouted, "Hi Ms. Vanessa!"

Mimi & I did her hair in a bun, adjusted her tights, put costume on, and finished her off with some make-up. By the Second Act, she was confident and ready for her turn! When it was time, I walked her to her group and ran back to my seat.

As they came on stage, I couldn't help but smile. Then I proceeded to snap 100 pictures on my phone and the camera. Ryan & Mimi were videoing the performance. It was one of the greatest memories of my life to have watched. It was sweet. It was innocent. It was comical. It was dramatic. And it was 100% Adelaide's style. *Watch the video for a surprise ending- Adelaide is the 2nd from the far left and she has a "solo"!*

Adelaide Jane, I know you will do great BIG things in life. No matter what you choose, you will grow up to be successful. You are your mind and in your heart. Always remember that and know that mommy is so proud of you!

the whole company

the instructors!

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