Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Strong Looks Better Naked: A Book Review

My guilty pleasure, err one of them, is watching KUWTK. I love the show. I love the family. I love the chaos. I think in part because they resemble our family in some odd way. 3 girls and 1 boy that make up the Kardashian side. A cray cray mom who loves her kids enough to do everything for them including take their verbal abuse and pranks when they do not like her gossipy way. And a dad who had an appreciation for his life and empathy for others. Kendahl is a bit like Kourtney. Taylor is a bit like Kim. Shane is so Rob. And that must make me Khloe ;) (And Mimi is so Kris J and Daddy-O is similar to the late Robert K). There is something about a big family and all the craziness that comes with it which pulls at my heart. And there are a lot of things that you can say about the Kardashians & Collins but at the end of the day we are fiercely protective of one another and always there for each other. In the good and the bad.

Throughout the show, I have grown to admire Khloe’s strength as an individual, a woman, a wife, an entrepreneur. She seems to live life the way I try to/aspire to live mine. With little to no regrets. With passion and conviction. With vulnerability and love.

And the things that she has dealt with in her life, especially in recent years, all while on TV and under severe criticism has made me respect the person that she is. She is positive and upbeat and I believe that she genuinely wants to make the world a better place.

So when her book came out, Strong Looks Better Naked, I was anxious to get a copy. Broken into 3 sections- body, mind, heart, she explains how she took the negative pieces of her life and personality and turned them around for the better. How she did some self examining and learned to be a better human being and how to make the world better all at the same time. First you have to get yourself together, then you can be better. Then you can help make others better. Our bodies, minds, and souls/hearts all must be aligned.

There isn’t anything earth shattering that she shares. No hidden secrets or cures. Just the cold hard truths of life. When your body feels healthy, your mind feels healthy. When you are positive, your mind is right. When you are kind, your heart heals itself and others.

I love what she says and shares about her struggles. Our problems do not have to be overwhelmingly complicated nor does that mean they are trivial. Life is life. And each one is completely different. But we are all doing the best we can and there is something to be said and learned from that.

Highlights of her book include small excerpts from influential people along her journey, inspirational quotes from all walks of life, and photos of her new fit body.

After 216 pages of uplifting stories and a much needed pep talk for myself, I felt stronger, wiser, and a bit brighter. Do yourself a favor and snatch a copy. Its good for the soul!

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