Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Brighton Kevin: 6 Months

 Dearest Brighton,

How have you been on this Earth with us for 6 months already?! One half of a year!! I can hardly believe it little guy. You have done and seen so much in your short time, and we are delighted to continue watching you grow.

You are moving all around in circles, front, and back on your tummy. I would deem it the early to middle stages of crawling. You love being mobile and spinning around. You love your exersaucer as well as it provides a new entertainment avenue.

You talk and talk and talk all day to anyone who will listen. You look and smile like we are having a full blown conversation. You love morning cuddles in bed with mommy, daddy, Adelaide & Aspen. You smile as soon as you see each of us no matter the time of day. You truly love having siblings and they love you so much too!

You tried veggies this past month and seem to really enjoy them: peas, carrots, green beans, sweet potatoes, and corn. You have yet to meet a food that you don't like which reminds me of your sister and brother!

You took a trip to Vermont with the Shea's and enjoyed your first experience up north. You enjoyed playing at the Penguin Playground and having a "ski" vacation! Everyone commented on how cute and easy you were as a baby ;)

You also celebrated your first St. Patty's Day with lots of green and no pinching ;) You are marking off your list of first holidays left and right around here sweet pea!

You currently sleep in the swing in the office. Coming off of your bout with pneumonia, it was the best place of elevation for you to be. I can still hear you once you cry or stir to get up, but you are far enough away that every little thing doesn't disrupt all my sleep! 

Speaking of sleep, you are my biggest challenge in this department. Since the start of 2016, you have not had a good reputation in the sleeping scene my boy! Some nights you are up once or twice due to discomfort of teething. Other nights you are silent from 8pm to nearly 7am. And on those all too often nights, you are up on the hour for a stretch of 3 to 4 hours. Those leave us both unpleasant in the morning! 

My hope is that once these silly teeth come in you will be a mommy's sleepy dream and we can all have a good laugh about the last 3 months. So hurry up teeth and show your face!

As always, you are such a delight and I feel blessed to be your mommy!

I love you!



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