Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Life Letters (December): Intimacy

I will keep this post brief for *privacy* of my marriage...wink, wink...but I will share what the purpose of this month's life letter was for me. Intimacy between the sheets has always been an awkward thing. I am not a naturally comfortable person in that realm even with my husband. I am cautious and weird and nervous. I wish that I could be better or more at ease or crazy like in the movies when the hot, steamy scenes are shown...but truth be told that just isn't me.

So I tried to dedicate one month to being more intimate with my husband in the best ways I know how...through talking, learning more about each other, initiating more "together" time, dressing up and wearing make-up, being spontaneous, and being open to new things.

I wouldn't give myself an A+ but I would say that I tried my hardest to make it work on more days than not. Remember that we do have 3 kids ;)

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