Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Sparky's Return: An Elf on the Shelf Breakfast

Everyone knows I have been in a "funk" this year with all that our (immediate & extended) family has endured. I was fearful that I would not be as on top of it with the holidays this year. I was afraid that I would not give it my all for the kids and would be a bit of a scrooge. Thankfully we started the Christmas cheer a little early this year and had our decorations up before we left for Bermuda :) That will most definitely put you in the holiday spirit!

And we kicked off the week with our annual North Pole Breakfast with Sparky's return this past Sunday. While our breakfast was a bit of a hodge podge thanks to the kids and mommy sleeping in, we had a great time nonetheless.


The kids loved their gifts from Sparky as our traditions continued...

Beaumont too!

Cheers to you and yours for a wonderful holiday season!

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