Thursday, October 8, 2015

Life Letters (September): Kindness

When I opened my September life letter, I was so taken aback. I was overwhelmed at the thought of what I might have written myself for the month as I was running on fumes. Fumes of anxiety, depression, sadness, loneliness. Feelings of fear, inadequacy, and the unknown. It has been a rough road this year, specifically my pregnancy, and I just wasn't sure that I could handle having "to do" anything else.

But as like every month on this life letters journey, God showed me how important these monthly letters have been to me time and time again. Giving me exactly what I need at the right time.


So simple. No set agenda. Just excerpt kindness. In your words. In your actions. Being kind is one of the easiest things to do if you stop and think about it. But more so, I couldn't help but tear up at the kindness that has been surrounding me during this challenging time.

Friends who have offered to help in anyway and actually meant it. Friends who have taken the kids while I have had doctors appointments despite having their own two kids. Friends who have planned a spa night for me to lift my spirits and help rejuvenate my spirits. Friends who sent me the most precious gift: a necklace with the number 3 and a tag reading faith. I have worn it daily since and it has brought comfort & peace. Friends who have listened to me cry and scream and vent about every emotion that I am all hours of the day/night. Friends who have watched me neglect the things that are going on in their lives as I wallow in self-pity and forget that I am not the only one facing challenges.

My mom who got on a plane 3 hours after I called her to come to New York to take care of the kids and then be with me while I delivered Brighton. She got little sleep the 10 days she was here and she never missed a beat. Doing loads of laundry and dishes. Changing diapers and preparing meals. Feeding the baby. Disciplining Adelaide. Lifting Aspen. Giving baths, loading kids in the car, walking Beaumont. Always knowing just what to do to help without having to be asked. Her kindness is ten fold and she really is a Mimi Poppins who loves her husband, children, grandchildren, and friends at all costs.

Those same friends who walked this journey with me were there to rejoice in the GREAT news about Brighton. They came to visit us in the hospital, took care of the kids, stopped by with gifts/meals for all, gave hugs, checked up on us, continued to pray, and exuded every bit of kindness imaginable.

Thank you to those who have shown myself and my family kindness during such a challenging time. Because of you, I made it through and have become a stronger person (and mother!).

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