Friday, October 23, 2015

Brighton Kevin: 1 Month

Dearest Brighton,

Oh baby boy where do I even begin this letter to you? Your first monthly note. All of the things that you have accomplished, all of the things that I have witnessed over these first 30 days are truly a miracle in so many ways.

You are wise beyond your days...I can see this already. You are alert, bright-eyed and a busy body. You love to move your arms all around while awake and asleep. You smile your sweet smile during those milk coma dreams. You turn your head from side to side to see what the world and your siblings have to offer.

At your two week check up, you had already gained over a pound and grown 1/2 an inch since leaving the hospital. Weighing in at 7lbs 2 ozs and measuring 19.5 inches long. You are starting to stretch out more and your little toes are tight against your footy jammies. You have long arms, legs, feet and toes! 

Your hair is dark and thick. I can brush it into a little mohawk after bath time! Speaking of, you enjoy the nighty ritual of bath time. You open your big eyes and enjoy the warmth of the water and the snuggles of the hooded towels post water. You don't however like the changing of your diaper...the cold wipe on your little pee pee is not one of your favorites! That being said, you don't care to sit in a pee or poop diaper for long :)

You are eating 4 ounces every 4 hours. Sometimes you only take 3 ounces and sometimes you take 5. You tend to be more like your big brother in the routine department...on your own schedule! You don't spit up at all though which has been a pleasant surprise. I actually get to show off your outfits as opposed to having them covered by bibs constantly! Yay!

Your big sister and brother love you so much! They kiss you and hug you around the clock. Adelaide likes to help with your bottle or changing your diaper. Aspen can't get enough of you and runs to you as soon as you cry or make a peep. You are their new best friend and I can't wait until you are running around giggling with those two.

My son, I cannot wait to tell you about the miracle that you are time and time again. It will never get old and it will never cease to amaze me. God is good and you, Brighton Kevin, had many prayer warriors lifting you up to Him.

I love you!



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