Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Aspen Michael Celebrates "One" with Cookies & Milk

In true first birthday fashion, Aspen had to follow suit and have a birthday party in New York and in Kentucky. **It isn't my fault that we live millions of miles away from family!** I decided on a cookies & milk theme (similar to Adelaide's ice cream shoppe!) because who doesn't love both! Plus the Cookie Monster is cute and blue ;)

I found a cookie themed wreath on Pinterest and did a little creation of my own. It was incredibly easy to make which is always a plus, and I found it to be quite adorable!

Ironically, I found cookie monster board books in the dollar section of Target so I snatched them up. Plus a personalized cup as well as cookies from the birthday boy made the party favors complete.

I loved all of the cookie monster decorations that I was able to find on Etsy. A true lifesaver when it came time to decorate...all I had to do was put them out!

 This birthday boy is all smiles all the time!

Among other delicious treats, Aspen's Cookie Bar was open and flowing with all sorts of yummy sweets. Including the amazing cake made by Susan Lawrence as well as the milk & cookie cake pops!

Our big boy loved all the smiles and singing voices that he heard while we sang, "Happy Birthday to Aspen..."

But he wasn't 100% sure about his cake...

Quick Dad wipe my tongue off! Haha

We had a wonderful day celebrating our son with great friends who we deeply cherish! Thanks to all who made Aspen's birthday special! 


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