Thursday, February 19, 2015

Aspen Michael: 9 Months

Dearest Aspen,

My oh my are you a big boy these days! You hold your own bottle and are an eating machine. Your newest favorite food is blueberries. You can't get enough of mixed veggies too! Such a healthy little eater!

Your two front teeth have popped through making your total teeth count up to six! Only your two bottom teeth show though which is beyond cute when you smile :)

You are crawling all over the place. And you are quick. If we leave our bedroom door open, you make a beeline for the stairs! You are pulling up on the first step in the family room so its only a matter of time until you climb the two stairs there.

You have out grown your little bath tub and are now in the big tub. You seem thrilled as can be about this change. More room to move and splash and play with toys.

Speaking of water, we are doing your first swim class together. While your poor teeth chatter the whole time, you love it. You splish and splash your arms all around trying to get to the little sea creatures. You also kick your legs as fast as you can making waves. Everyone thinks you are the cutest at class. 

We celebrated your first Valentine's Day with a mini photo shoot for you & Adelaide. You two were beyond adorable! Kissing each other and hugging. All smiles for the camera!

Daddy thinks you are starting to look like me! I overheard him telling you one night, "you look like your mommy!" I had a sweet smile on my face immediately. 

Keep being you my sweet angel!

I love you!



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