Thursday, February 26, 2015

Adelaide Jane: 2 1/2 Years

Dearest Adelaide,

How oh how are you 2 1/2 years old?! You are so grown up in so many ways. Sometimes I cannot believe it and hold you accountable for being wise beyond your years ;) Other times I remember that it wasn't that long ago when you were a tiny newborn. The last six months have been rewarding yet challenging. We are wavering this mother-daughter thing together, and sometimes we have it all figured out while other days we are barely managing. Ha! I cannot wait to tell you stories when you get older!

You began tot time school at Saw Mill Club this fall. Your teachers are Ms. Rosie and Ms. Carol. You love them dearly and ask to see them everyday. You have made so many friends including Megan, Faith, and Preston. You even have a few crushes...Bobby & Wyatt! You like to chase Wyatt around on the playground and steal tennis balls & toys from him.

You can count to ten and do often. You tell me you have two ducks, three hearts, etc. You know and sing your ABCs frequently. You are an absolute bookworm like your mother and have actually memorized several books (particularly Dracula and Olaf's 1-2-3). You love to sing too. In your music class, you learned Baby Harry which you demanded to hear on the Musical Roundup CD often. You always like to sing Taylor Swift's Shake It Off, Sam Smith's Stay With Me, and Billy Currington's We Are Tonight. Oh and you love to jump on mommy & daddy's bed singing No More Monkeys Jumping On the Bed.

You have really taken to liking Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. There is an episode where Pluto runs away because they are paying attention to the new puppy and not him. You cry at the scene every time and yell for Pluto to come back. Learning and knowing empathy at such a young age melts my heart. (You display this when your friends cry as you rush over to them to give them a hug & kiss and say its ok!)

You are also now obsessed with The Little Mermaid. You love Ariel & Flounder. You like to watch the movie. You like to dress up as Ariel and wear her shoes as well as her singing necklace!

This winter we did a lot of fun things together. We traveled to New Orleans for a family friend wedding. We journey to Oregon for our family Thanksgiving. Mommy took you to see Frozen On Ice which you absolutely loved. You & Caileigh sat still for the whole show! We also went to see The Rockettes during Christmas time. It was one of the best memories of you & me that I will always cherish.

Speaking of Christmas, you loveeeee Santa Claus. You ran right up to his lap and gave him a big smile. You pointed out each time you saw Santa anywhere over the holiday season. I love that you love Santa!

You are very cute with your brother. Saying to him "hey pal" or "good mornin' brother" or "have a good nap pal?" You like to play with him and are always sharing your toys and stuffed animals with him. You take good care of him...most of the time!

You got to spend a lot of time playing with your cousins Bishop, Collins, & Cooper over the holiday break. You would wake up and say "mommy my Collins, I wanna see my Coopie Collins." Not growing up with cousins close in age or distance, I love that you get to spend time with them often. 

Your favorite phrases are "mommy, where you going?", "mommy I'm ok.", "what's that?", "no mommy don't do that okay." and "I don't care." I also love how you say chocolate. It is beyond precious and I of course love that you love chocolate like me :)

When you are concentrating so hard on something (or know that you are in trouble), you turn your eyes to the side and smile a mischievous grin. It makes me giggle.  

And the biggest news over the past six months is that you are a potty trained girl! We took a weekend over January and the rest is history. You really have done so great and I am so very proud of you! You love your underwear too! Princesses, Minnie Mouse, Doc McStuffins, and of course Ariel!

You are my independent, strong-willed, determined baby girl! You are fierce my child and you will do wonderful things!

I love you!



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