Thursday, November 13, 2014

Give Thanks: Read a Book by the Fireplace

A chilly 39 degree evening last Friday called for reading our bedtime books by the fire. Adelaide & Aspen snuggled up in their PBK chairs and admired the fire. Adelaide nearing it and saying "oh hot, hot!"

I read three of our Thanksgiving books while the kids listened in. Adelaide meandering around with her puppies and sharing her toys with her brother. Sporting their fall-colored, personalize turkey jammies made it all the more fun.

While some days are hectic, I actually love this age for both of the kids. Adelaide has settled from the newness of having a baby around and sharing her time/attention. She loves him so and enjoys taking care of/sharing with/playing with him 98% of the time. Aspen is coming into his own. Laughing, smiling, and talking especially to his big sis.

I love that they love one another. It makes my heart smile. And these moments make all of the madness worth while.

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