Thursday, November 20, 2014

Disney's Frozen on Ice

To see the awe and amazement in your child's eyes as they watch a magical Disney production is one of the most amazing feelings. It is inspiring and magic in & of itself.

Last week Whitney & I took the girls to see Disney's Frozen on Ice at the Barclay's Center. Adelaide was dressed in her Anna costume and Caileigh sported a precious Frozen dress. The girls kept saying they were going to see Elsa & Anna. 

please excuse the nipples...the dress is a tad big! haha

As Minnie & Mickey skated on stage, the girls starred in amazement. Not moving. Not making a peep. It was like they couldn't believe their eyes! Then as more characters began to skate across the stage and the crowd cheered, they clapped their tiny hands and yelled YAY!

When Frozen began, they called out to the characters by name watching as they zipped through the ice acting out the movie scene by scene. They semi sang along to the music and watched with the sweetest, most innocent faces.

It truly was a magical evening. Seeing Adelaide love every minute of it. Seeing her wonderment and joy with each passing moment. It is a night I will forever cherish of mommy/daughter time. A night where I too was lost in the magic of Frozen.

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