Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Haunted Pumpkin Garden: NY Botanical Gardens

With temperatures in the low 70s, we are soaking up everything we can outdoors and fall-ish before winter hits (which according to reports is supposed to be brutal with a capital B this year!). Last week we headed down to the Bronx to explore the Haunted Pumpkin Garden at the NY Botanical Garden.

The HPG resides in the Everett Children's Adventure Garden centrally located on the grounds. The gardens are gorgeous. Truly breathtaking and a must see if you are a New Yorker or ever visit. They capture the beauty of nature in a natural and creative way.

We made our way to the HPG passing the Wednesday farmer's market and walking around the reflection pool before being greeted by an archway of pumpkin faces. A lined pathway filled with jack-o-lanterns of all shapes & sizes as well as pumpkin spiders and cobwebs. Along the way were various children's activities including a garden maze, a puppet theatre, a spooky pumpkin house, and a reading nook situated under the trees with books all about pumpkins! At the end of the path, the children's center had indoor fun too...a greenhouse where you can water the plants, another reading nook, toys & games with discovery bins all about gardens.

Adelaide was such a big girl walking all the way from the parking garage to the gardens through the farmer's market to the HPG holding my hand. She explored all of the wonderful things the gardens had to offer with a huge smile on her face. She would say, "mommy pumpkins!" She played peek-a-boo in the pumpkin house, read books on the ladybug seat, and watered the greenhouse plants. It was such a joy to see her eyes light up at the wonders of nature!

Aspen even enjoyed the trip as he was "talking" to the jack-o-lanterns from his stroller. Oohing and ahhing over the colors and sights!

Very thankful for a fun morning outdoors with my little pumpkins!

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