Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Puppetonia: A Hoboken Adventure

Fall in New York can be beautiful. The weather isn't blazing hot but is still nice enough to be outside. Festivals and activities galore for families makes it even better to get out of the house and explore. Within an hour drive of where we live, we can visit various little towns, cities, or states should we want. So the possibilities are endless...

This past Friday we ventured into Hoboken, NJ for a little puppet action at Symposia Bookstore. Located on Washington Street and straight out of the movie, You've Got Mail, the quaint store was magical. Puppetonia is their puppet show fit for babies and toddlers. It runs twice a day, five days a week. Adelaide was mesmerized by the snail and Billy the puppet. Songs and toys accompanied the act making it even more entertaining.

After the show, we walked to a near by park to let her stretch her legs. She even played on the little league field with a boy named Logan. I think they had crushes on one another.

Then we walked the waterfront to Little Town (owned by the Manzo brothers from the Real Housewives of New Jersey). I had the crab cake sliders and a glass of champs. Adelaide had the kids burger sliders and a flirting session with the bartender, waiters, and other lunch guests.

We truly enjoyed a new place meeting new people.

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