Wednesday, August 27, 2014


I started taking Barre classes when we moved to New York and I was pregnant with Adelaide. My friend Abbi said I had to try it. I thought I was dying the first class. I have always been a fit person so I blamed it on the baby weight ;) But I stuck with it and continued three days a week throughout my entire pregnancy. I solely credit Barre for my being able to push for 1 hour and 22 minutes without being tired during labor.

After Adelaide was born, I had trouble fitting the class schedule into her routine. She slept until 8am from almost day one so the 8:30am was out of the question. Never waking a sleeping baby at night! The 9:30am class usually resulted in me rushing and missing almost half of it. I managed to get to a few classes here and there once she became older. But when I became pregnant with Aspen, the thought of pushing for that long without having taken Barre terrified me enough to start it back :) So I tried doing it at least once or twice a week during my 2nd pregnancy.

When the doctor cleared me at 4 weeks to resume exercise, I went straight to the Barre the next day. I wanted to be toned in all the right places and felt like that was my best chance. I was so nervous about going to KY for 3 weeks and not being able to do my classes.

Then I remembered that B.You had opened and Amanda, my sister-in-law, raved about it often. So I decided to give it a whirl. OMG. Amazing! Great instructors from Rashna (an owner) to Katie to Ashley (I was bummed I didn't get to take any of Joy's classes while home). I felt the shake and burn I so needed. And I even got to try a silques class which was intense! Plus I scored some super cute new workout gear :) Yay for sweating and then rewarding myself with shopping!

If you are in Louisville, you have to try this! No matter your age, no matter your level of fitness. B.You totally rocks. Plus they have two locations which makes it super simple to get to in town.

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