Tuesday, July 8, 2014

America, America...Celebrating in the Hamptons

We spent America's birthday celebrating in the Hamptons. Our first time in the 3 years of living here. I know shame on us. Our hotel, Ocean View Terrace, had a pool and was across from the beach. Win-win!

It was gorgeous Thursday and Saturday so we enjoyed the pool and beach.

Sweet babies napping together

Don't judge us

Friday we felt the wrath of Hurricane Arthur so we did want any good parents would do...took Adelaide to an indoor jungle gym (Safari Adventure). It was packed of course but she had a grand ole time. Then after naps we did what any parents of two kids who had been couped up in a hotel for 4 hours would do...went wine tasting at Lieb Cellars. An intimate winery with live music where we could all dance and stretch our legs. Adelaide ran from our table to the band and back for 2 hours. She was a huge hit around the place!

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