Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Thing They Don't Tell You About Having Your 2nd Baby... that your FIRST baby will seem like a mature toddler as soon as you come home.

You will be riding in the car on the way home and glance back at her, all snug in her car seat watching Sophia the First holding her bunny and paci. Looking so innocent and so fragile as you know that her entire world has just changed in minutes.

You will feel a wave of emotions with strong intensity. A beaming sense of pride and love for the first life you gave birth to. Then a tinge of sadness as she is living proof that time does not stand still even when you want it to. A jolt of guilt for somehow playing a part in making her a big girl even though it was going to happen with or without your "help."

Tears will well up in your eyes because you feel happy & sad in one fell swoop and as she calls out "mommy" while reaching for your hand, you will let those tears fall down your face because you realize that she still needs you. And as you cry and she makes a soft cry as to say "mommy don't cry it will all be okay," you can't help but smile. Because you know she gets you.

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