Tuesday, September 17, 2013

PCG Wonderful Ones

Last January I randomly met Leigh at the gym. She mentioned a great parent/child program that she had started with her oldest when she moved to NY from the south. Desperate to meet mom friends, I decided to join the Babbling Babies group. Adelaide & I spent most Friday mornings with other moms & kids who were navigating the waters of first borns and new motherhood. Whitney & I (Adelaide & Caileigh) became fast friends. We ended up in the same swim class with Heather & Benjamin and enjoyed reuniting with Emily & Bella from prenatal yoga!

This year we started Wonderful Ones on Thursday mornings. We have 3 new friends, Roxy, Ben, & Adam, plus Adelaide's bff Caileigh :) The first session was last week and a great success. Last year we worked with Nancy as the facilitator and spoke about adult topics. The purpose of Babbling Babies is to find a network & community of other moms. Wonderful Ones is about beginning the process of getting our children acquainted with school. For 30 minutes we spend time playing with the kids and introducing them to one another. Then the moms move to the other side of the room to talk alone with Nancy about parenting issues/concerns/practices. While we are discussing, the children play with 2 teachers. After 30 minutes of the separation, we sing songs together and finish up with a snack at the adorable little people table & chairs.

Our little ones did great this first week and it is so neat to see how much they have grown as well as how much us moms have grown :)

Looking forward to a great year!

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