Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Our Family Trip to Cali: San Francisco (Part Two)

On day two, we awoke dazed & confused between the two time zones the three of us were struggling to figure out. But we had places to go & people to see so we quickly showered and dressed preparing for the day.

We met the Mahonys in downtown Petaluma at the Apple Box for brunch. Amazing homemade breakfast aromas filled the air and our tummys. Adelaide & Hope loved smiling and cooing at one another. To work off a few calories, we strolled around town chatting and catching up. Then it was time for them to return to Sacramento and for us to venture into San Fran.

San Fran has so many fabulous areas and special places to our time there, but we wanted to go somewhere that would be family friendly. So we parked at Golden Gate Park and took Adelaide to the playground. It was a chilly day with the fog covering the place so we wrapped her in Ryan's shirt. Haha typical SF weather and poor planning on my part...it is SUMMER for God's sake! A little swing action and watching the other bustling families was enough for Miss A.

Still concerned about her not eating & drinking, we made a lovely stop at the pediatric urgent care center. They were beyond amazing, taking us back right away and putting us at ease. If you ever have need care in the SF area, this is your place to go. Of course she was just teething miserably on her molars with clear ears and a smiley face, but we felt better knowing she was medically a-ok!

After a good report from the doc, we joined our friends Julie, Stan, & Jeb at Marengo on Union. You will probably remember this place because I was obsessed with it while we lived there. Bourbon & burgers...what's not to like really? We all dined on the fabulous mini sliders and salads while enjoying champagne & bourbon. Julie & Stan got married last year and it was so great to be able to celebrate with them in person. Jeb has been one of my closest friends since we met in San Diego in 2008. It meant so much that they were able to spend some time with us.

No trip is complete without dessert from American Cupcake. Yea you know I am beyond obsessed with this place. We hopped on over across the street for the best cupcakes on earth. Parting ways, the three of us headed up to Petaluma for a late night talk with Kimmie.

Kimmie and I have been best friends since we were 18 years old. We have been through more in our lives together than most people could fathom. We know each others secrets and shortcomings. We have cried many a tears and smiled many a smiles with one another. One of the biggest highlights of our trip was getting to spend time with her.

Our time in San Fran was short but sweet. It is a city that is near to my heart because it is where Ryan & Is life as an engaged couple began holding many special memories. We thoroughly enjoyed our time there...then we were off to the most special place to us.

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