Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Adventures in Parenthood: A Little Potty

So the other day, this happened...

Now before you go wagging your parenting finger at me, let me explain. I have been reading this very interesting book about parenting around the globe (book review to come soon), and I was intrigued by the chapter about the Chinese & potty training. They do it early with a capital E. As in three months to six months to twelve months. Yea I know what you are thinking and it is probably something along the lines of these people are crazy. I will admit I was a bit skeptical with the chapter title, but as I read on, I felt like they were on to something. So I decided to get a mini potty for Adelaide.

I am by no means "potty training" her in the sense you are thinking. But I am trying to make her aware of her body when it is pee-pee time and poo-poo time. Adelaide teethes very hard which unfortunately includes breaking out in a rash on her bottom and her little private part. The best way to soothe this is to let her skin breathe (thank God we have hardwood floors in most areas of the house!) so it sort of makes sense to make her aware while she is bare bottomed. Thats how the Chinese do it any how. They literally let their babies run around naked or with split-pants and allow them to do their business anywhere. Like in sinks or trash cans or fields or restaurants. Or anywhere else you could imagine.

I figure the worst that can happen is I clean up mounds of pee and poop off the hardwood floors that I already mop daily due to mealtime spillage so really what is the difference. And if she can slowly become aware during the daytime of her body then that is great. But at the very least, her teething rash will feel better and that makes me feel better.

Plus the little potty looks so cute next to the big potty!

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  1. Everyone whom has had a boy and a girl has said potty training girls is much easier than boys. I'd say you're well ahead of the curve!