Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Spring Clean...More Like Fall Frenzy

My sincerest apologies to the 3 people who read this blog for being M.I.A. the past week. I was forced to take a mini-hiatus from life. More deets to come at a later time for reasons that I am unable to share at the present (do not worry, nothing catastrophic has happened in my life).

I will post pics and topical info on my past week in due time but for now let's look to the future. My future includes small spaces, less closet room, storage bins, and LOTS of sharing. In lieu of this new change, I have been decluttering. Spring cleaning? How about fall frenzy?

I have been furiously cleaning, organizing, sorting, and gifting my things room by room. In my former dining area, I have two piles: "keepers" and "possible sales". Accompanying these lovely piles in the far corner next to the front door is the "goodwill/salvation army/for charity/tax break" pile. Each of these piles has a considerable amount of stuff.

Pack rat would not be a valid term for me; however, collector of mementos might be more appropriate and better received. I usually do a good once a year cleaning, but I have to force myself to "let go" of various items. For example, nearly 10 years after pledging ADPi, I have decided to gift some picture frames, purses, and t-shirts to the Alpha Chi chapter at UCLA. I also retired 97% of my t-shirts (I literally have one from each date party of my 3 1/2 years plus alum ones and wore them religiously, er occasionally still wear one). I begged my mom to make an ADPi quilt out of the t-shirts. Pathetic I know. Nonetheless, I am using will-power to recognize what I have not used in oh say years and pass it along to someone else who might get enjoyment from it.

Whew it feels good to be back. Happy Hump Day Y'All!

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