Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Wedding Season is in Full Bloom

As the summer is coming to a point, so are the weddings of the season. The question is being popped, registries are being viewed, and I Do's are being said. I admittedly stalk many a registry because I love seeing what different people desire for a home.

Many years passed when I was boycotting attending weddings, but due to recent loved ones in my life, I am back on track. Kendahl & Peter had the destination/Christmas wedding which was an amazing time. Shane & Amanda's engagement happened just before we returned home for Bishop's Baptism so it was fun to celebrate with them. Now, Jennylynn & Davis are engaged and getting married in October. The first of my best friends to get married! So exciting!

I am so honored to be a part of so many special days. One of the most exciting and cherished things is to be along side two people who are making a life-long commitment to love one another in front of the Lord!

To JL & Davis, thank you for letting me celebrate with you!

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