Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Adelaide Jane: 11 Years Old

 Dearest Adelaide Jane,

How did we get to 11? On the other side of 10...the side that heads into teenage years sooner rather than later. You are growing up before my eyes and it’s both beautiful & heart breaking all at the same time. 

You are very smart. Bright in ways that make being your mom both challenging and rewarding. You flourish in an academic way and you have a yearning for learning. 4th grade wrapped up nicely and you’re already working hard in 5th grade.

You continue to work hard in gymnastics. You had a very busy late spring and summer. Qualifying for Nationals by doing one routine at Regionals then turning around and testing out of Level 4 less than a week later with completely different routines. You competed in Nationals in NOLA and you truly shined.

You are maturing at home~ settling into your new big sister duties. Helping with household chores, assisting your siblings with homework, making meals for our family, and just being a more “active” part of keeping up. You shine most when you’re helping others which is something I hope you always hold in your heart.

You continue to make friends and be inclusive. You are always the peace maker~ wanting friends to talk things out and be a mediator. You often come off as  little tough, but deep down you have a very special heart.

I am so proud of the young lady that you’re becoming. I hope you always remember to be uniquely you~ there is no one else like my Adelaide Jane.

I alove you!



Friday, May 19, 2023

Aspen Michael: 9 Years Old

 Dearest Aspen Michael,

My son, you are rapidly approaching double digits with this 9th birthday. I feel like I've blinked and here we are. In many ways, you are mature in life situations and understandings. In other ways, you are still my little boy navigating the waters of life. 

You continue to grow taller, wearing a size 5 1/2 shoes already! Your hands nearly match mine in size and you are definitely taller than your big sister. 

You set a goal to get your UTR high enough to enter the Top Gun Academy. You recently met it and have been excited ever since. The big hug and fist pump once you made it was one of those moments I'd like to bottle up...the connection between goal setting, hard work, and dedication all coming to life.


You have crushed 2nd grade academically. You have continued to excel at reading, math, and social studies. You have turned to God for religious guidance. Making your First Communion was incredibly special~ you were so reverent in the moment and in your preparation.


You are working to be a leader amongst your siblings. Taking the role of big brother more serious and helping to calm/guide your baby sister & brother most days ;) You are a sweet soul and still a joyful boy most of the time.


My prayer for you is that you always know how special you are and that you feel loved daily.

I love you!



Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Salem Lucille: 5 1/2 Years Old

Dearest Salem Lucille, 

You, my daughter, are a ball full of energy. You are ready to go from sun up to sun down. Mostly smiles and laughs...lots of little giggles. You sprinkle a few fits in there from time to time. You have a way of rolling your eyes and making it cute ;)



The magic of the holidays has shown through this year. Your eyes twinkled at everything Christmas and your sweet hugs to Santa & Mrs. Clause melted everyone's hearts. You soaked up Thanksgiving, New Years, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, and Easter as well. The surprise visits from each coordinating holiday friend lit up your world. To see your innocence is so refreshing.



You are a little dancing machine...competing in 3 competitions already. You are so excited each morning to get up, get your hair & makeup done, and take the stage. I am so proud of how hard you've worked to learn two dances and perform them on stage.



With me is still your favorite place to be; my little mini me. I love our time together one on one. Now that you're in JK, it is definitely fewer and far between; however it is always cherished. The hugs & kisses you still give constantly are what make motherhood so sweet. 

You continue to learn and grow at school. You are so proud that you know my phone number, your letters, and your numbers. You love to read and you love to do "homework." You are an amazing friend; making cards for your classmates just because! I love you heart.

I love you!




Tuesday, April 25, 2023

40 Before 40: Ride in a Hot Air Balloon

An experience of a lifetime. Ryan & I spent a Sunday evening enjoying the views of Louisville up in a hot air balloon; man's first mode of flying. Romantic and breathtaking all at the same time. The entire process from start to finish is mesmerizing. A very precise operation that takes one calm, cool, & collected. Learning the history of how the first ride took flight as well as the tradition of the champagne toast was icing on the cake.


Wednesday, April 19, 2023

He is RISEN: Easter 2023

 A Lenten season full of sacrifice. The kids & I focusing on how to lift each other up; how to create positivity and clarity. I’d say we faired well for the majority of the time. It’s never meant to be easy. Sacrifices never are.

Easter hit differently this year. A First Communion on the horizon to follow made masses more intentional; more intimate. Listening to my children sing Alleluia. Watching them bow reverently. Hearing them pray at night in the darkness. Tasting the body & blood of Christ. 

Rejoicing in the end...He is RISEN!