Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Swing on By to Par-TEE: Brighton’s 7th Birthday Celebration

 In true BK fashion, we celebrated him with some of his favorite things. He had a friends (small group) birthday party at King Louie’s Indoor Golf. Eight little boys with golf clubs for two hours + some sugary treats made for an exciting & exhausting party! 

The boys loved hitting on the range and seeing who could drive it the farthest. They also loved accidentally hitting the tees instead of the ball!

Then we had a family party back at the house complete with swimming, dinosaur fossil hunting, and games of tennis. 

It’s so easy to celebrate my Brighton Kevin. Such a bright little boy who brings us all JOY!

Friday, September 23, 2022

Brighton Kevin: 7 Years Old

 Dearest Brighton Kevin,

My sweet boy you’re growing up so fast before my eyes. Somehow 7 seems so big...far older than I am ready to admit you are. 

You seem a little taller, a little wiser, and a little closer to being a tween. Luckily you still ask for hugs and kisses throughout the day. 

You are a big first grader now, enjoying knowing the full lay of the land. You’re excelling in all areas as your math & reading have truly blossomed. You love lunch and a good recess. Plus you discovered the joy of early morning school breakfast complete with donuts & poptarts!

You completed your first golf season and played in a multitude of tournaments. You grew so much from this experience~ learning how to compete, how to read the course, and making so many new friends. Proudly you won two tournaments and had many runner ups. I can’t wait to watch your golf game grow!

You have begun your Javanon soccer career as a 2015 Boys team member. You’re grinding at practice twice a week as well as competing in games. You play mostly defense and are quite quick. I love to watch your ball handling skills and see how well you can stop it & turn it on the other direction. 

This fall you’re even playing flag football for SMM! How fun to be on the same team as your big brother Aspen as well as many of your friends.

You continue to be as friendly as ever, making friends wherever you go. You know no stranger and are able to hold a conversation with anyone (no matter their age). This is a characteristic that will take you far on life and one that makes me a proud mommy!

You’ve come so far these last 7 years B. You are a true miracle my son. God shown His glory & His goodness the day you were born.

I love you!



Wednesday, September 21, 2022

40 Before 40: Have a Fancy Picnic

Ryan & I spent a romantic afternoon in our own backyard with an Italian Summer picnic. Complete with a bottle of champagne, charcuterie board, & gorgeous weather. Kimi Osting, owner of Ostinization, rolled out the most beautiful picnic for us to enjoy a day date. It was the perfect way to end a busy week and kick the weekend off! We truly felt like we were in a private oasis filled with all the beauty that God's nature has to offer. If you're looking for a unique yet simple date, I highly recommend spending a few hours outside having a fancy picnic!


Monday, September 19, 2022

A Thompson Fall: Pick Apples from an Orchard

Apple picking is one of our favorite September fall traditions. We typically rotate to a few spots to pick but this year we went back to a hidden gem from several years ago.

Hidden Hollow Orchard is tucked back behind a neighborhood with a few hidden roads to reach it. You’d never know the beautiful orchard & farm filled garden that sits waiting your arrival. 

We took advantage of an early dismissal from school and headed out to pick some apples. The kids searched high and low for the perfect ones. 

We also enjoyed walking the gravel path to find hidden horses who love to be fed carrots. Such a special afternoon in this beautiful retreat!